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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Real Estate in Daybreak

When considering real estate in Daybreak you should know that Daybreak represents a unique market within a unique market. The Wasatch front is a unique real estate market that has bucked some of the national housing trends in the last year and a half. This digression has been fueled in part by our strong economy and low unemployment rate. However, I would argue that Daybreak is a unique market within the Wasatch front because of the amenities, architecture, and new urbanism concepts that are followed by the community planners. On average, homes are definitely more expensive in daybreak than in the surrounding areas because of these factors. So how will this affect future values? Daybreak was modeled after other prominent neighborhoods in Utah including the Harvard - Yale area. This particular area is also a unique market that has unique trends when compared to surrounding real estate. Because of the quality of life in the Harvard - Yale area, the property values are extremely high. A modest 3500 sq ft 4 bedroom house in this area could easily run you a million dollars. This value has been gained over time and will remain as long as the quality of life in this area remains high. Considering that most people who live in daybreak had to pay a premium to live there, they have a vested community interest in the quality of life in and around their neighborhood. This vested interest is different than other communities along the Wasatch front because of the uniqueness of Daybreak. You literally cannot find another neighborhood like it. If you want to move to a neighborhood that is similar , where would you move? In the long-term, house values in the Daybreak area should climb higher than values of surrounding homes because of the initial design and the continued interest that residents have in creating a high quality of life.

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