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Monday, February 11, 2008

Daybreak Elementary - Quality Education?

Daybreak Elementary school is located in the heart of Founder's Village - the first phase of Daybreak. This school is unique to other schools in the surrounding area because of its construction and year round track schedule. The school has been recognized by the United States Green Building Council for being energy efficient. According to Kennecott, "The district average energy cost per square foot is $1.09; Daybreak Elementary School and Community Center uses $.84 per square foot." When you consider that the building is 116,700 sq ft, you get an approximate annual savings of 31,827 dollars. Daybreak Elementary is also the community center for Founder's Village with space for various exercise activities and classes. This is a convenient arrangement for both kids and parents. With all the awards and hype aside, how well does this school educate the children of Daybreak? Obviously this depends on your child's individual needs. However looking at the aggregate published statistics can help. The school has a 1:27 teacher to student ratio which is eight students per teacher more than the state average. However, this is the Jordan School District which is by far the largest district and is growing at an incredible rate. This ratio is not surprising and does not necessarily label the school as a horrible place to educate our children. Standardized tests reflect a different matter. Daybreak's CRT scores are higher than the district and state average, but not by far. Other elementary schools in the valley have much higher scores than Daybreak. Another thing that could probably be improved is attendance. 45% of the student body missed 10 or more days in the last school year. The quality of the school will not matter if the students do not show up for class. Considering this, Daybreak Elementary is a decent school to send your children, but could be much better.

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