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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House Scheduled

The dates for an open house and the dedication of the new Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple in Daybreak, South Jordan were announced Saturday by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The open house will take place weekdays from June 1 through Aug. 1, except for the July 4 and July 24 holidays. The temple will be dedicated Aug. 14-16, with 12 dedicatory sessions scheduled. The 130th operating temple for the church — the 13th in Utah — was announced at the October 2005 general conference. Groundbreaking ceremonies occurred Dec. 16, 2006.

The temple will serve roughly 83,000 residents in the western Salt Lake Valley. It is the fourth temple in the valley. South Jordan will be the first city in the world with two LDS temples.


Anonymous said...

This is bad press for Daybreak. The non-Mormons I know think Daybreak is a Mormon stronghold because it has ITS OWN temple, and are staying away in droves.

The founders of Daybreak have preached diversity in the population from day one. Allowing the temple to be built was certainly based on financial incentives rather than sticking to their image of diversity.

Real Nice said...

How interesting.. I almost laughed when I say the "non-mormons posted by Anonymous here. I know don't any people who aren't of the mormon faith that feel that way, and a few of them live in Daybreak. Selling property always has it's financial gain for someone in the end.

If you aren't interested in living somewhere simply because they built a temple there then, Don't. But what makes that any different than living down the street from any other church or religious affiliation? Nothing. And I am sure that the Daybreak area is still quite diverse. And if the Mormon Church wants to buy land to build a temple, than why not.?.