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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Affordable Daybreak Options

I wrote a blog article a while ago about first-time home buyers being priced out of Daybreak. Well it seems that measures have been taken to ensure affordability with a new home builder being introduced. Garbett Homes is now building terrace homes in the Southwest corner of Founder's Village. I went to the sales office just to take a look inside and found the interior of these condos to be quite appealing. With a starting price of 159,000, it is definitely an affordable option for those who cannot afford to live anywhere else in Daybreak. I did find out that there is a hitch to this deal. According to the staff on site, HOA fees for each unit will be around 150 per month. Fairly expensive if you ask me, but those fees will definitely help out the HOA budget so I'm not complaining. I still think that it is amazing that just a few years ago you were able to get an actual house for this price in Daybreak.

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