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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Crime in Daybreak

How much crime is in my neighborhood? This is a question that everyone is concerned about. I can tell you that my former residence was located in a part of Salt Lake City that definitely had a lot of crime. When I moved to Daybreak I found that I was still locking my doors, but that I had definitely gained a sense of security that could not be found in my old neighborhood. For this article I decided to compare the crime statistics from my old neighborhood and Daybreak. Fortunately, statistics are available for both.

According to government published statistics, in the last 3 months my old neighborhood had 84 crimes committed within its boundaries. The most notable of these were 5 cars stolen, 1 sexual assault and 1 aggravated assault. Of course my old neighborhood looks tame compared to a West Salt Lake neighbor hood that has had a few homicides and drive-by shootings. Daybreak on the other hand is not without crime, but is definitely better. The South Jordan Police Department has seven sectors from which they gather crime statistics. Daybreak is partially covered by sectors 1 and 7. In these sectors approximately 48 crimes were committed in the last 3 months. However, sector 1 covers The District which reports all thefts from their stores which adds up quickly from month to month. It also covers the neighborhood around the district which has had a few problems in the past. Talking to a South Jordan policeman, I found out that crime in Daybreak is really as low as it can get in a community this size. Daybreak definitely wins the safe neighborhood award here.

With houses so close together and neighbors who keep a watchful eye over the neighborhood, new urbanism plays its role in keeping crime down. Daybreak also has an official neighborhood watch program. South Jordan even sponsors a citizen's police academy which gives one class a week for nine weeks. This class is great place to learn about your local law enforcement roles, techniques, and concerns. If by chance you ever do witness something suspicious or have information you can call the hotline at 253-5281. Hopefully with neighbors looking out for each other and a good police department, crime will stay low in daybreak.

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