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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Daybreak's New Ride

Utah Transit Authority has put in an order for 77 new Siemens S70 train cars for TRAX. These modern looking train cars represent the largest order that Siemens has contracted in the United States so far. While testing of the S70s will start at the end of the year, they will be in place in time for the opening of the Mid-Jordan TRAX line. So when the Daybreak North and South stations finally open, expect to see these trains loading the passengers.

The big advantage of these trains is that they will actually be able to achieve their top speed of 65 miles per hour as many of the stations along the Mid-Jordan TRAX line are far enough apart to allow the speed. Not to mention that the S70s can accelerate much faster than the current TRAX trains being used.

Other positive features of the S70 include:

  • Easier to board as the train is on platform level wich eliminates the need for ramps and steps and allows commuters who are disabled to board with ease.
  • More room - Wider Aisles and larger spaces allow for wheelchair access and room to fit your bike.
  • A variety of seating arrangements including open space, bench seating and regular seating.
In the end all of these features translate into a faster commute in a train with large windows and plenty of space. Commuting in this S70 to and from work while surfing the internet on the train wi-fi could definitely appeal to many commuters who endure freeway traffic each day.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how long a trip downtown is going to take? I've looked but haven't found anything on this.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog on Daybreak. My wife and I (+55) are very interested in the development. We currently live in Santa Barbara, CA, but have family in UT and feel that UT is just a better place for retirement. Your commentary on Daybreak appears to be thoughtful and objective. Any way we could correspond with you? Thanks, William Bridgers,